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Class CC and supplemental  
Modular ferrule fuse blocks

Product description:
BCM (Class CC) and BMM (supplemental 
13/32 x 1-1/2” / 10x38) modular style fuse blocks
with optional covers.
These new Bussmann® series fuse blocks
contain multiple features to add versatility,
reduce labor and enhance safety of any panel

• Volts – 600V
• Amps – up to 30A
• Withstand – 200kA RMS Sym.
Agency information:
Class CC BCM
• UL® Listed E14853 - IZLT
• CSA® Certified 47235-6225-01
• CE
• RoHS Compliant
• Conflict mineral free
• REACH declaration available upon request
13/32” x 1-1/2” (Midget) BMM
• UL Recognized E14853 - IZLT2
• CSA Certified 47235-6225-01
• CE
• RoHS compliant
• Conflict mineral free
• REACH declaration available upon request
• Covers are included in the overall UL Listing/Recognition and
  CSA Certification
• IP20 finger-safe
• RoHS compliant
• REACH declaration available upon request
• 1-, 2-, 3-pole units factory assembled
• Single-pole units snap together to create desired number of
Flammability ratings:
• Blocks – UL 94V0, self-extinguishing
• Covers – UL 94HB, self-extinguishing
Operating and storage temperature range:
• Blocks – -40°C to +120°C
• Non indicating covers – -40°C to +120°C
• Indicating covers – -20°C to +90°C*
* Indication requires minimum 90Vac/dc and closed circuit to 
Features and benefits:
• Available in 1-, 2- and 3-pole configurations
  to meet stocking requirements.
• Blocks are fully modular with a snap-together
  design that provides tool-less assembly of
  multiple pole blocks at point-of-use to reduce
  inventory and save assembly time and labor.
• DIN-Rail and panel mount versatility
  allows one product to be used for multiple 
  applications, lowering inventory cost.
• Compact footprint consumes minimal panel
• Optional see-through cover enhances safety
  with IP20 finger-safe protection, lockout/
  tagout capability and open circuit indication.
• Easy circuit identification with available
  universal marker labels for fuse block covers.
• Tin-plated bimetallic copper fuse clips
  deliver superior fatigue resistance compared
  to traditional spring brass.
• Terminal options to meet application needs
  including 1/4” spade quick connect terminals
  for faster panel assembly.
• Patented rejection feature on Class CC fuse
  blocks reduces temperature rise by up to

• Base –  Thermoplastic
• Terminals  – Tin-plated bimetallic copper
• Covers –  Thermoplastic
• Screws and pressure plates – Zinc-plated steel
Cover Part Numbers:
• For blocks with quick connect terminals – CVR(I)-CCM-QC
• All other terminal options – CVR(I)-CCM
Marker labels:
• Use Bussmann series part number TM26CB
Recommended Bussmann series fuses:
Class CC
• Ultimate protection time-delay Low-Peak™ LP-CC, 
  data sheet No. 1023
• Advanced protection time-delay Limitron™ FNQ-R, 
  data sheet No. 1014
• Advanced protection fast-acting Limitron KTK-R,  
  data sheet No. 1015
13/32” x 1-1/2” (midget)
• Fast-acting 250Vac BAF, data sheet No. 2011
• Fast-acting 600Vac KTK, data sheet No. 1011
• Fast-acting 600Vac/dc KLM, data sheet No. 2020
• Time-delay 250Vac FNM, data sheet No. 2028
• Time-delay 500Vac FNQ, data sheet No. 1012
10x38mm (IEC)
• Class aM and gG/gL IEC industrial fuses, data sheet No.
Recommended Bussmann series DIN-Rail end stops:
• Part No. BRKT-ND

Table 1. Catalog number

Terminal type

#10-32 phil-slot screw Screw with qiuck connect* Pressure plate Pressure plate with quick cinnect* Box lug Poles Fuse class
BCM603-1S BCM603-1SQ BCM603-1P BCM603-1PQ BCM603-1C 1 CC
BCM603-2S BCM603-2SQ BCM603-2P BCM603-2PQ BCM603-2C 2 CC
BCM603-3S BCM603-3SQ BCM603-3P BCM603-3PQ BCM603-3C 3 CC
- BMM603-1SQ - BMM603-1PQ BMM603-1SC 1 10x38 (13/32"x1-1/2")
- BMM603-2SQ - BMM603-2PQ BMM603-2SC 2 10x38 (13/32"x1-1/2")
- BMM603-3SQ - BMM603-3PQ BMM603-3SC 3 10x38 (13/32"x1-1/2")
- BCMM603-3SQ - BCMM603-3PQ   3 3-Pole control circuit transformer block
- BCMM603-3SQ - BCMM603-3PQ   3 2-Pole CC with 1-Pole 10x38 (13/32"x1-1/2"

Dimensions-mm (in)
Table 2. Terminal specifications


Terminal type 75/90°C AWG Torque
type/range AWG lb-in (N•m)
    Cu 2-3 50 (5.6)
    Cu 4-6 45 (5.1)
Box lug (C) Cu 2-14 Cu 8-14 35 (4.0)
  Al 2-8 Al 2-6 50 (5.6)
    Al 8 40 (4.5)
Screw (S)      
Screw/quick connect (SQ)      
Pressure plate (P) Cu 10-18 10-18 20 (2.3)
Pressure plate/quick connector* (PQ)      

*1/4"Quick connect terminal maximum ampacity dependent on female spade connector and wire ratings

Table 3. Recommended covers* 

Terminal type Cover part numbers
indicating Non indicating
Screw/quick connect (SQ) CVRI-CCM-QC CVR-CCM-QC
Pressure plate (P) CVRI-CCM CVR-CCM
Pressure plate/quick connect (PQ) CVRI-CCM-QC CVR-CCM-QC