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LIMITRON™ Class RK1 600V
KTS-R — 600Vac, 1-600A, Fast-Acting Fuses

Description: Advanced protection Class RK1 current-limiting,
fast-acting fuses.

Catalog Symbol: KTS-R-(amp)

Volts — 600Vac
Amps — 1-600A
IR — 200kA Vac RMS Sym.

Agency Information:
CE, UL Listed, Std. 248-12, Class RK1, Guide JDDZ, 
File E4273
CSA Certified, C22.2 No. 248.12, Class 1422-02, File 53787

• Single-element, fast-acting fuses with minimal time-delay
• Provides a high degree of short-circuit current-limitation
  (component protection)
• Particularly suited for circuits and loads with no heavy surge
  currents of motors, transformers, solenoids, and welders
• Commonly used to protect circuit breakers with lower interrupting
• If used in circuits with surge currents (motors, etc.) must be
  sized to prevent unwanted opening. It is recommended to
  use an ultimate protection Low-Peak™ LPS-RK time-delay
  fuse for inductive load applications.
• Incorporate Class R rejection feature. Can be inserted in
  non-rejection type fuse holders to physically and electrically
  replace fast-acting Class H, K1, K5, RK5, and other fastacting
Catalog numbers
KTS-R-1 KTS-R-20 KTS-R-80 KTS-R-275
KTS-R-2 KTS-R-25 KTS-R-90 KTS-R-300
KTS-R-3 KTS-R-30 KTS-R-100 KTS-R-350
KTS-R-4 KTS-R-35 KTS-R-110 KTS-R-400
KTS-R-5 KTS-R-40 KTS-R-125 KTS-R-450
KTS-R-6 KTS-R-45 KTS-R-150 KTS-R-500
KTS-R-8 KTS-R-50 KTS-R-175 KTS-R-600
KTS-R-10 KTS-R-60 KTS-R-200  
KTS-R-12 KTS-R-70 KTS-R-225  
KTS-R-15 KTS-R-75 KTS-R-250  

Carton Quantity and Weight
Amp rating Carton qty
1-30 10
40-60 10
70-100 1
110-200 1
225-400 1
450-600 1



 Recommended Fuse Blocks

Fuse amps 1-Pole 2-Pole 3-Pole
0-30 R60030-1 R60030-2 R60030-3
35-60 R60060-1 R60060-2 R60060-3
70-100 RM60100-1CR RM60100-2CR RM60100-3CR
110-200 RM60200-1CR RM60200-2CR RM60200-3CR
225-400 RM60400-1CR RM60400-2CR RM60400-3CR
450-600 RM60600-1CR RM60600-2CR RM60100-3CR

For additional information on 600 volt fuse blocks, see Data
Sheet # 1111 (1-60A) and product brochure # 3192 (70-600A).

Fuse Reducers For Class R Fuses 

Equipment Fuse Clips Desired Fuse (case) Size Catalog Number (Pairs)
60A 30A NO.663-R
100A 30A NO.216-R
100A 60A NO.616-R
200A 60A NO.626-R
200A 100A NO.2621-R
400A 100A NO.2641-R
400A 200A NO.642-R
600A 100A NO.2661-R
600A 200A NO.2662-R
600A 400A NO.2664-R

† Single reducer only (pair not required).

Time-Current Curves - Average Melt
Current-Limitation Curves